Master the Art of Oral Sex: 4 Techniques to Make Your Man Moan in Ecstasy

Learn the four key techniques that will make your man moan in ecstasy during oral sex. No longer should you be ignorant about the importance of giving great head. Master these techniques and your man will be putty in your hands!

Technique 1: Ball Play

Don’t underestimate the importance of the testicles! Gently caressing his balls while performing oral sex can greatly enhance his pleasure. Pay attention to his reaction and adjust your technique accordingly. A gentle squeeze on the testicles can even bring him to climax!

Technique 2: Deep Throating

This is the legendary technique of the deep throat. To avoid the gag reflex, push the penis up with your tongue and focus on your breathing. Remember to breathe through your nose and take breaks as needed. You can also use your hand to grip the base of the penis to control the depth of penetration.

Technique 3: Slow Rotation

Take his penis into your mouth and slowly rotate your head from side to side. Be careful to avoid using your teeth and control the speed of your movements. This technique combined with the sound of wet friction can drive him crazy with pleasure. You can also use your tongue to stimulate the base of the penis, scrotum, and perineum.

Technique 4: Sensual Massage

Foreplay is key! Start with kissing and caressing, and gradually move your hands down to his crotch. Use your hands to gently massage the penis and apply light pressure. When he’s ready, use your mouth and tongue to pleasure him, focusing on the sensitive areas around the head of the penis.

Remember, oral sex can be an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners. With these techniques, you’ll become an expert in no time and leave your man begging for more!

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